Hello, happy to see you here. Since work rush related to pandemic calms down


I love to keep up with learning new skills, last year I learn a lot about Data Engineering, and really liked working with Spark and Airflow. I also continue with learning Scala but now using it with some small projects, while I practice from books and videos.

Well, you can see that I’m happy with the expansion of my tech stack with Spark, Airflow, more FP, Docker containers, and more.

My recent and current courses are:


I became a fan of the “The Expanse” serie, so I jump into the novels to get more from the story. Aditionally, I read more about Stoicism, Kubernetes and Scala, of course.


Well, since it has passed some time from the last time I played the bass guitar, I need to take it to a luthier to tune and fix it. So, not much success in this area.

My current playlist sounds like this:

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